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Fuelling your heart: the engine keeping your body alive

The essence of life, our most essential organ, indeed, the engine that keeps our bodies alive, is the heart.

Albeit relatively small, the heart pumps a staggering estimate of 23,000 litres of blood around your body. This pumping of blood is essential in delivering oxygen and nutrients to every organ and part of the body while, at the same time, removing unwanted carbon dioxide and other toxins.

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Promoting health and fitness at the office

Have you ever found yourself sitting at the office, glancing over to your colleague as she happily eats her healthy bowl of salad or raw veggies for lunch while you sink your teeth into your white-bread-chicken-mayo-sandwich?

The guilt sweeps over you as you feel every single carb pile up on your hips. She simply lifts another chickpea to her mouth and you feel like you can see her tricep pop through her sleeve. Not a great feeling.

So, will you ditch the bread tomorrow, go for a run and try a salad?

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A holistic view of your heart

The heart is a complicated thing for more than one reason and having a holistic overview of the heart can be beneficial on many levels – especially if you’re on a mission to get fit and healthy.

On this fitness journey, it’s important to realise that it’s possible to harm yourself if you’re not educated on, or aware of, the needs and limits of your heart.

We look at three aspects when considering an overview of heart health and what you should pay attention to, and what to avoid.

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Smoke signals: your body’s fight against first and secondhand smoke

We all have bad habits. Some people bite their nails, others drink 10 cups of coffee a day, and some can’t put down their cellphones. When a habit becomes an addiction, however, it enters a new, very destructive orbit. While nibbling one’s nails isn’t such a big deal, consuming excessive amounts of caffeine is straight-up unhealthy. Fortunately, neither of these is harmful to anyone other than the person with the habit.

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