Personal Training: Why fitness coaching makes more sense

Apart from merely wanting to be fit, there are several reasons why people may take up exercise – to alleviate stress, to improve a medical condition, to lose weight, to recover from an accident. But regardless of motivation – planning and maintaining a physical fitness regime is difficult if you are not driven by very specific goals and supported by people who share your vision of improvement and change. Staying the course and keeping up the physical pressure may be difficult on your own; attendance drops and becomes erratic, exercise routines begin to pall, and you may not feel the benefits you had hoped.

All of these negative aspects can be alleviated by appointing a personal trainer to bolster your focus and work through your objectives with you. Personal fitness coaching is not the luxury you may think – and certainly not the preserve of the famous and the well-set. A personal coach is often key to your success whether you are just beginning an exercise programme or struggling to maintain a rhythm.

More than a gym-buddy, a training coach does more than just encourage – he or she will bring vital knowledge to the process, measuring your age, health, injury conditions, weaknesses and strengths against your aspirations. Before you begin to attack those weights with vigour or launch yourself on a punishing run, remember that a personal coach may save you from disillusionment and lasting damage.


This has to top the list to begin with. Many people begin a training programme on their own with great verve and determination, only to falter halfway through or even give up altogether, allowing boredom of routine or lack of visible results, or other commitments to creep into exercise time. A personal coach helps you to keep regular attendance; knowing your coach is waiting for you is a huge motivation to get to the gym in the first place. In this way you achieve consistency which is vital to reaching your goals.

Your coach will analyse your goals and help you to develop a realistic and achievable plan according to your age and abilities. A coach will therefore maximise your workout time to focus on the best exercises for you, achieving good results in faster time. Learning proper form and technique from a professional will help you overcome obstacles and prevent strain and frustration.


Old injuries need to be nurtured through any training programme, ensuring you don’t create further damage through over-zealous action or incorrect posture and approach. Safety is key because it’s easy to hurt yourself in a gym. Trainers keep your attention on what you’re doing and explain what is good or bad, and why. They give you the power of information over your own body.

On their advice you can develop a better running form, improved posture, and greater strength through knowing how to use the various muscles in your body without creating strain. They will teach you how to use the equipment properly, and also help you to operate more efficiently in daily life by improving your balance, flexibility and core strength. Past injuries are their particular area of expertise, and they will help you to gain new mobility through safe, carefully programmed and monitored exercises.

Personal relationship

Trust is integral to the relationship between a trainer and a client. The process is intensely personal. The trainer becomes invested in your health and wellbeing; you become the key focus of all the interaction. The trainer cares about your health and fitness in a holistic way, advising on diet and nutrition as well as increasing fitness. Without judgment or criticism, your coach is your guiding hand along a path of personal development, good health and physical fitness.

Working with someone who consistently drives and supports you through the challenges of physical exercise, not only establishes positive rapport but also creates greater confidence, and reduces the boredom and loneliness often generated by training on your own.

Health and wellness – all the benefits:

  • Personal Fitness Trainers have thoroughly studied their field and therefore have:
  • A thorough grasp of the value of different workouts and sound expertise in the way the body works and moves.
  • A good knowledge of the best exercises that will develop strength, endurance, speed, and agility.
  • An understanding of the delicate approach to rehabilitating injuries.
  • An awareness of the mind/body connect when it comes to weight-loss goals – and the need to balance fat loss with muscle gain, which is why you will burn more calories in less time when working with a trainer.
  • Access to all the latest health trends and nutrition, which means they are able to gage what your body needs on an overall footing, and which exercises will bring about the greatest benefits.
  • The ability to motivate and encourage you to achieve results you may not be able to realise on your own. Each person’s goals are unique and extremely personal. A trainer will devise sessions in a way that will ensure you derive benefits you truly feel, thus encouraging you ever onward to reaching your goals.

Welcome to the world of health and fitness!

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