The four physical components needed to play better golf

The art of mastering golf requires a lot of patience, dedication and precision. It’s nothing new for golfers to have fluctuating performances. One day their swings will put Gary Player to shame, other days they seem like amateurs. Barry Bridges, golf fitness trainer at Pure Motion Golf Academy, explains that in order to master your swing, you need to work on the following:


Your swing requires a sufficient amount of functional strength to carry the load of the swing. If your body lacks any strength in your lower-back, then swing faults will occur. Your body needs enough upper body strength to create force and speed throughout.


In order to hit the ball further with consistent clubhead speed, you need power. The ground setup is where all power build-up happens during the swing. Ground force starts and travels from the feet and up to your knees, hips, core, upper body and then hands. If your body lacks power in the lower body, you will compensate with your upper body in the golf swing. Focusing on lower and upper body movements will enhance your speed and power.


Your muscles support each and every movement. Can the body be stable when it is fighting against outside forces? In the golf swing various forces put the body under a huge amount of strain. In order to avoid injury, certain segments of the body need to act as stabilisers or “supporting muscles”.


Our bodies are meant for moving around and not being restricted. If we don’t move properly we get tight and sore.

Sufficient mobility is needed for the golf swing. Improving movement will help reduce injuries, improve proper movement patterns and help produce a powerful golf swing.

About the Author

Barry Bridges works as a golf fitness trainer at Pure Motion Golf Academy, based at Durbanville Golf Club. He trains up and rising South African, provincial and recreational golfers. His main focus is on top-tier junior golfers that have the focus to become professional. His education is backed up with a solid academic background which includes university and professional certifications from abroad.


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