The health professional-client harmony: Why your welfare depends on each other

As a health professional, you have an important role to fulfil in society. Your expertise and skills are much needed. However, the relationship you have with your clients is one of symbiosis. These two parties are interdependent for wellbeing and growth.

As an expert in the field of health and fitness, your mission is to satisfy the needs of your clients to your best ability while nurturing positive connections with them for your own benefit as well.

The professional’s pivotal role

There are many reasons why current and potential clients need you – whether they realise it at first or not. A couple of these include:

Health is an investment and the health professional is the broker

Physical health is one of the greatest assets one could have and it should be stewarded and managed well. People often need specialists by their side in order to improve their health through either reactive or proactive measures. So, whether you are helping people to overcome a problem like chronic pain or obesity or aiding them in protecting and enhancing health through a positive lifestyle – clients rely on you.

On account of accountability

It is very difficult to set realistic health goals and reach them without support. Working hand in hand with a health professional forces people to follow through and prioritise their health. Your care is crucial in the long-term upkeep of good health.

A healthy dose of health knowledge

People don’t know what they don’t know. And ignorance is a great health hazard. People need the correct information or assistance in cultivating wholesome lifestyle habits or managing illnesses – something you are equipped to provide.

However – as you have probably experienced in your business – people often know “too much”. Dr Google is very generous with information. These pieces of online health advice could be overwhelming, contradicting or sometimes downright false. It is a real-life professional’s duty to provide proper answers and support and to help minimise all the opinions in cyber space.

The client’s contribution

Health support is not only about what the professional can provide. The client also plays a vital role in a mutually beneficial exchange between two people with diverse needs.

So, what can your clients do for you?

A confirmation of credibility

Yes, qualifications count. However, only through positive results will you truly be trusted. And to gain “success reports”, you need clients. As more and more people are satisfied with and helped through your services, your reputation (and consequently your clientele) will grow.

Any business (also one dealing with health or fitness) takes time and effort to build. Only with the support of individuals who make use of your services will you reach a high standing in your community. It is clearly important to treasure clients – and to be truly beneficial to them – as they are the building blocks in a flourishing health practice or studio.

Your entry to experience

We do not only grow through what we know, but also through applying and adapting knowledge to real-life situations. Fresh out of training, your skills cannot possibly be as refined as it will be after you have been around the block a couple of times (probably jogging, if you are a fitness trainer!).

Your clients are also your teachers. Their feedback will give you a better indication of what works in which kind of situations. They will also train you in how to handle the human relationships that come with your job. Use them wisely. Respect their authority.

A collection of connections

Your clients are invaluable to networking and promotion. Good client relationships build your web of connections, which is highly beneficial on a personal and professional level.

Furthermore, in the words of Michael LeBoeuf, “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. Through word of mouth, you might get more work than through any advertising campaign.

In the end, the truth is that you need clients to bring home the bacon (provided that is allowed in your healthy eating plan), so you better value them as your top career asset.

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