When it’s time to get a personal trainer

You’ve been going to the gym diligently since the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018, and for the first few months things have been going great. You probably lost a few kilos, gained lean muscle, became fitter and felt more energetic and could finally fit into those tight jeans that have been lying in the back of your closet for a year.

But now, for some reason, things have stopped progressing. And for the life of you, you can’t figure out what that reason is.

Here’s the thing – it’s time for you to call in some help, and that help will come in the form of a personal trainer. Here are a few signs it’s time for you to look for the business card from that muscular kid who said he would help you get abs that were fit for a Greek god.

Reason #1: You ain’t seeing no gains

For those new to the weightlifting room and the cardio machines, gains come rapidly in the first few months, especially when your workout is coupled with a high-protein diet. But after a while, getting fitter becomes harder because your muscles become more resilient.

The main cause of this is that your workout isn’t challenging your body the way it used to when you started out – even if you are lifting heavier weights at the same rep count or running faster on the treadmill.

The solution isn’t as simple as switching to a new workout, though. As your body conditions, some muscles will inevitably develop better than others, and this is when it becomes crucial that you follow an exercise regimen and diet that addresses your weaknesses and enhances your strengths so you can transition from having a decent physique to a great one.

Personal trainers can help you identify what you need to do to move forward. If you’re serious about your fitness, this is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Reason #2: You’re skipping workouts

Sorry to break it to you, but from here on out, if you want to get or even maintain the body you have always dreamed of, you need to religiously stick to your workout plan and diet.

Personal trainers are also paid workout buddies. You won’t skip leg day with a personal trainer waiting for you at the squat rack, because that’s money wasted. Also, these guys and gals eat, sleep and breath fitness, so their positive attitude will inevitably rub off on you and make you work out so much better and harder.

Reason #3: You’re getting hurt

Any exercise must be executed with proper form and technique in order to be effective, and if your knees are hurting after deadlifts or your wrists start aching every time you lower yourself down for a pushup, you’re doing something wrong.

Personal trainers hold formal qualifications in how to perform exercises for maximum physical benefit.

Skip a trip to the emergency room; your personal trainer’s fee is probably far cheaper than a medical bill.

Reason #4: You want to lift heavier

Performing ‘big’ exercises like bench or shoulder presses and squats are crucial when you want to see impressive results, and after performing them at high reps with lower weights for a while, you’ll want to go heavier. Great! Here’s the thing, though:

  1. Lifting heavy is dangerous; dropping a barbell mid-bench press can cause broken bones and even torn muscles. Someone needs to be there to help you to make sure you don’t get seriously injured.
  2. It’s often difficult to balance heavy weights correctly when lifting, and this is crucial to ensuring that all muscles involved are working equally hard. Your personal trainer isn’t just there to give advice, but to actually help you perform each and every exercise as well as you possibly can.

As you start advancing in the gym, training by yourself just isn’t going to give you the support you need.

Reason #5: You have goals to achieve

Once we start developing stronger physiques, we tend to want to use them to pursue things.

Maybe you have always wanted to partake in an Ironman competition, rock climb or simply build a very impressive body. Physical trainers have the knowledge and expertise to help you to work up to realising these goals. Take the leap and invest in their services; you’ll know when the time is right.

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