Why it’s worth investing in a personal trainer

Get the results that you want

Let’s be honest: it’s one thing to sign up for that gym contract, filled with promises of beach bodies and your #bestlife, but quite another to get motivated once the pressures of everyday life kick in. Before filing away your membership card with your other failed new year’s resolutions, try investing in a personal trainer who can keep you active.

Why do you need a trainer?

If you know that you need some motivation, it is worth getting a personal trainer who can guide you around the circuit, and kick your butt a bit if necessary. My Health & Fitness offers a large database of personal trainers around South Africa for you to choose from.

“A trainer helps with motivation, program design and nutritional guidance,” explains Barry Bridges, wellness specialist and personal trainer at Digi Gym. “Having the support of a personal trainer allows a client to establish a solid base before training. As trainers we use various testing methodologies before we begin, which allows us to identify the weak areas of a client and where the focus needs to be.”

If you know your trainer is waiting for you at 6 am, you are less likely to hit the snooze button on your alarm. It also makes a massive difference to have an exercise schedule customised according to your body, targeting your specific flabby bits, and helping you to make the most of the equipment at the gym.

Know your gear

Even if you can’t afford a permanent personal trainer, it does help to start with one. Trying out a new machine in the circuit can be intimidating if you aren’t entirely sure how to manage all the buttons and levers. In the end, many people wind up back on the bike or treadmill because it is a safe space but that means you lose out on a total body workout.

If you are able to interpret the complicated diagrams and guides on the machine, you might still be using it incorrectly. Adjusting your posture correctly can make a significant difference so that you are targeting the correct spots and not putting unnecessary pressure on areas like your lower back or knees that could result in an injury.

Get out of your funk

Trainers are also a great motivation when you’ve hit a fitness dip. “As trainers, we have the responsibility to motivate clients when they go through a slump,” says Bridges. “It’s essential, as trainers, to tell a client how they have progressed on their fitness journey with you, which will support and motivate them to keep going.”

Consider doing a couple of sessions with a trainer to familiarise yourself with the circuit, and to get an exercise routine that will work for you.

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