Why you need a personal trainer

2018 is in full swing, and if you haven’t been adhering to your gym resolutions, the time to start is now. Perhaps you’ve put in a few sessions but you haven’t seen any concrete results. Or maybe the issue is that you don’t even know where to begin.

The solution? You need a personal trainer to get you on track. Here’s why.

A personal trainer is a professional workout buddy

Working out with a companion is a commitment and a source of support that will inspire you to go to the gym and push hard during your workout. Great, but what if your gym times clash due to unforeseen events, like working overtime? What if your gym buddy isn’t as committed as you, or vice versa? Or if you aren’t on the same fitness level?

This is the first major advantage of working out with a personal trainer. Since you are paying them for their time, you can:

a). Rest assured that they will show up when you work out, seeing as though it is working hours for them.

b). Be sure of the fact that they will push and motivate you. They know that if you don’t see real results, you won’t be paying them for more training sessions or referring potential clientele to them.

You won’t hurt yourself

Actually, that’s not true at all! These guys are fitness fanatics whose job it is to see to it that you give it your all during your workout time, and that you can barely walk or lift your arms the next day.

But they will make sure that you work out with proper form so as not to injure yourself. While it is a good idea to consult a GP first if you are planning on becoming a gym rat/bunny after a decade of little to no exercise, working out with someone who understands how one avoids mishaps during compound exercises like squats and deadlifts is much safer. Especially if you’re inexperienced.

You get what you need

Maybe what you want right now is to have Incredible Hulk-like abs, but your trainer knows that what you need first is to torch your overall body fat levels. Just an example.

These guys and gals hold degrees and diplomas pertaining to how to optimise the performance and condition of one’s physique. Taking their advice will lead to you building strong, lean muscle and a body that doesn’t only look good, but will benefit you in daily life and well into old age.

They design workouts just for you

This is an obvious one, but in order for them to tailor a workout that is uniquely suited to your needs, they first need to perform tests on you and use that information to help you reach the goals that you are trying to achieve.

Also remember that they are clued up on all the latest scientific research that pertains to body performance. Together with their passion for exercise, they utilise their knowledge to design exercise routines for you that could compete with those of Olympic athletes. Well, maybe not as intense as an Olympic athlete’s workout, but you get the point.

And know when it’s time to move on

Have you ever heard bodybuilders and fitness fanatics complain of no longer seeing results? That’s because, as their bodies get used to their workout routine, their muscles don’t work as hard to get stronger (simply put).

Personal trainers are able to gauge when your body is reaching a plateau, and know how to adapt your routine – or design an entirely new one – when it’s time for you to progress to the next level.

They’ll order off the menu for you

Personal trainers are usually qualified to design a diet for you so that you eat the right foods at the right time, and that you won’t go hungry too easily.

While there is much to be said for seeing a dietician separate from your PT, the advantage of sticking to your trainer’s diet is that he/she will design it in such a way that it pairs perfectly with your workout routine.

It will motivate you to go to the gym

These guys all have different payment options for their services, but most will ask you for a deposit for each workout session. If you don’t go to the gym, well, that’s both money and time that you’ll never get to use again.

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